Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Ultimate Scrapbooking Tool? Having a font made from YOUR handwriting, of course! Purchase using the button at the top right side of this page.

My favorite application - making a font of my kids' handwriting. My son is just 6, so I made a '2012' font for him - he filled out the form himself. Now I will always be able to go back and see how he wrote his name and words. So much fun, and so easy for you to do.

Here are some details:
The Ultimate Scrapbooking Tool - Create a font from your own handwriting, or the handwriting of your children! Your handwriting is turned into a font that can be used on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Once purchased, a template and instructions will be sent out to you. You will need to print out the template, fill it out, scan the completed document (or mail it if you do not have access to a scanner), save it and email it to the address provided. Once received, your font will be generated and sent to you as a .ttf file. Then you install it on your computer!

Characters included:
; : . , 0123456789 +-~=±#$€£¢
[ ](){}<>\ / ' "
*™@©®_ |•¤§°¶†‡
^(used for your signature)

Please contact olgahagedorn@yahoo.com if you have any questions, Thank You!

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