Saturday, June 1, 2013

Laser Engraved Stamps

Can you believe that I have carved over 16,000 stamps by hand in the last 4 years? It has been a wonderful journey and I have learned so much - about business, about people, about life.

For over a year I have been thinking about what the next steps will be for the shop. I have always wanted to make more intricate stamps and offer unlimited choices to my customers, that's what brings me to this big announcement... laser engraved stamps!

These stamps still go through the same process - I design every one of them from scratch and then they are engraved in rubber - except these are perfectly precise and without any limit on complexity. I am so excited about them and have had a wonderful response so far.

So... take a look around the shop and if there is a design you don't see, just ask and I will put together a sketch for you! So that your sketch can go from this:

to this:

Stay tuned for some great tutorials including stamping on polymer clay, ceramic tiles and even cookies!

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