Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tutorial: Stamping on Polymer Clay

Polymer clay is special to me... in my first Etsy shop I made polymer clay charms:

So that is why I am starting this series of tutorials with one about stamping on polymer clay. Very basic supplies were used - polymer clay and a few rubber stamps on some parchment paper.

I rolled out my first color and used a little ramekin as a guide to cut out the circle.

Then I randomly stamped on the circle to get the desired effect.

I pressed the stamped clay circle into an oven safe bowl and cooked the clay according to the package directions.

Once they were cool, I put a light coat of silver paint and wiped off the excess so that the paint would stay in the grooves of the stamp impressions. Then I gave it a light coat of glaze to finish it off. Super easy and something the kids would love to help with!

Stamps used for these clay dishes:
Mini dragonfly stamp, mini ladybug stamp, mini bee stamp, mini butterfly stamp, peace love cupcake stamp

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