Saturday, June 15, 2013

Tutorial: Baby Onesie Paper Garland

This will be a simple tutorial. Simple, and adorable when finished =)

Here are my supplies:

Colorbox ink in Pink, Cyan and Marigold and these adorable, tiny clothes pins that actually work. I found them at Michaels by Lara's Crafts. Using the Baby Onesie rubber stamp.

Once I stamped them out in each color, I used some sharp scissors to cut each of them out - I didn't cut them perfectly, I left some of the white paper showing around each of them. I used some pink/white baker's twine and strung them together. Super easy and super cute... saving these for the next baby shower gift I wrap!

1 comment:

Ursula Rosien said...

Your rubber stamps are out of this world! I'm obsessed with rubber stamps and I'm always looking for unique ones to make my greeting cards, crafts, etc.
I'll be contacting you soon, to create a custom one ;)