Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tutorial: Using Rubber Stamps as Embroidery Patterns

Recently, I came across a customer's blog where she used the sheep stamp that she purchased from my shop as an embroidery template to create a beautiful piece of wall art!

I loved her idea - what a great way to use rubber stamps in such a unique way! So... I decided to try it myself and made a cupcake, embroidered wall clock for my studio. Here is how I did it:

My supplies:

Some linen fabric from my local fabric store, a wooden embroidery hoop, a clock movement kit that I found at Michaels and a few mini cupcake stamps - swirl cupcake, chocolate cupcake, heart cupcake, sprinkle cupcake.

I finger pressed the fabric so I could figure out where to place the stamps. I used an old ink pad and made my marks on the fabric. Using the embroidery floss I already had on hand I followed the pattern of the stamps (although my embroidery skills are not that great) I was able to make this sweet clock!

It was a totally unexpected way to use rubber stamps, but I really liked it - I hope you do too!

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