Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tutorial: Stamped Muslin Favor Bags

I found these adorable Muslin bags at Michaels. They are from the company Celebrate It and they are 3x4 inches - 12 of these came in a package for only a few dollars.

I grabbed some Cranberry and Pink Colorbox ink, a Wedding Cake stamp and a Banner stamp. My trick with this particular craft was to remove the rubber from its block and trim it as close to the image as possible to avoid any extra ink coming off onto the muslin bags, then putting them back on the blocks (a little bit sticky, but worth it for a clean looking final product).

I carefully stamped each bag and then filled with some candy. These would look adorable on a candy bar at a wedding reception.

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Shiuan said...

Very clever! I was researching if it's easy to stamp muslin bags and found your fun article!